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Responsible Representation in Research at UoN

As part of the R3 Network we are also exploring in relating to responsible researcher representation in the context of the academic research ecosystem at the University of Nottingham. We will examine responsible researcher representation, engagement/policy & research culture. Our aim is to be able to provide insights that will have a positive impact, inform and support the development of strategy and policy. Our vision is be leader in this area, supporting other organisations and projects in by developing an inclusive, responsible research ecosystems for all. 

This part of the network focuses upon Research and Representation at the the University of Nottingham.
It is 
Directed by Debra Fernshaw and Alan Chamberlain, with the support of Prof Katherine Lineman PVC for EDI, People and Culture. This working group will initially focus on issues pertaining to:

Social Capital as influencing representation and position.


Authenticity in Research – Creating Representative Research Teams.

EDI in context - appreciating the rage of representation, intersection & interplay.

Responsible Research as the backdrop for Researcher representation. 
This will feed into our inclusive by design' approach. 

Wellbeing as systemic – existing in all parts of the system.

Responsible Researcher Representation (valid) offers authenticity:

    - Feeds into regulation activities as more truthful.

    - Feeds into Policy and Law as having a ‘real world’ relation to the issues.

Inclusive Engagement and Communications are part of Research and Responsible Representation.


Let’s Work Together

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Dr Alan Chamberlain 


The R3 Network is supported by the following Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council projects.

AI UK: Creating an International Ecosystem for Responsible AI Research and Innovation (RAI UK), (RAKE Responsible Innovation Advantage in Knowledge Exchange) [grant number EP/Y009800/1]

Horizon: Trusted Data-Driven Products [grant number EP/T022493/1]
UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub (The TAS RRI II project) [grant number EP/V00784X/1] 

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