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Music and the Internet of Things:
Physical Computing, Creativity,
and Sensory Heritage

 Oxford e-Research Centre

June 1st 2023 (10.00-16.00)

 Workshop Chairs/Organisers:

David De Roure  (CI, University of Oxford)
Alan Chamberlain  (PI, University of Nottingham)

Emanuela Vai (University of Oxford)


A Report of the Day can be accessed here: Music and the Internet of Things Report

This one-day workshop has a broad scope and a specific aim: to identify a research agenda for IoT and music which addresses both how IoT can benefit from the music domain and how music can further benefit from IoT.  Topics discussed will include physical computing, materiality at the digital-physical intersection, sensory heritage, and the field of experimental humanities (digital prototyping as a method) - all in a music context ranging from performance to responsible design, trust and the design of new devices and artefacts.

Speakers include

Steve Benford, University of Nottingham - Presentation Slides 

Hongshuo Fan, PRiSM, RNCM - Presentation Slides

Julie Yeow, University of Oxford - Presentation Slides

Robert Laidlow, Jesus College, University of Oxford - Presentation Slides 1 & 2

Sam Salem, PRiSM, RNCM - Presentation Slides (coming soon)


This workshop is part of the Experimental IoT: Explorations in Sound Art and Technology project (PETRAS), in collaboration with the Digital Humanities and Sensory Heritage Network & UKRI TAS Hub.
It is an in-person event with hybrid facilities available.



For further information please contact us: Email

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